31st was a night of escape but your enemies are still following.
1 Sam 19:10:
The voice you hear determines what you do.
What you think determines who you are.
God gave rainbow as a sign.
David was haunted by Saul because he was possessed by evil spirits.
The people who you help even your family may turn against you.
The same David who played the harp to cast out Saul’s demons was attacked by Saul.
I pray that the grace of God stand against any person that turns against you.
As Michal helped David may the relatives of your enemies help you. You will have a way of escape this year.
Just like Pharoah’s own daughter saved Moses.
I pray may God bring God-fearing people to support your life this year.
This year don’t go and support the enemies of God.
We are in a generation of people that can easily betray you.
Saul was dissappointed a lot of times from his plots.
Run to your spiritual father like David run to his spiritual father Samuel for safety.
Samuel has root meaning as head of God. Samuel also means God has heard. May God hear your cry as you run. Samuel was in Rama which means hill. Thats why David said I lift my eyes unto the Mountains where my help comes from the Lord. I pray that under this canopy may you possess your possessions.
Naiot has root meaning as house of God. It also means presence, abide, hope, rest, beutify. That’s why the Bible says in Mat. 11:30: Come to me all ye who are weary and I will give you rest.
As the best soldiers of Saul that hunted David began to prophecy may your enemies change in realms and prophecy. They joined David and Samuel.
Later eye-witnesses directed Saul to Rama where he also prophecied naked the whole day and night. This year your enemies will surrender, and join you to worship the Lord because of the Glory God has given to you. The Lord will set a table in the presence of your enemies. Your enemies will be touched by your status, speech and join your victory.
This year Prophesy big things into your life. This is a year of Signs and Performance.

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