SCRIPTURE: 2 Samuel 6:8-23
Out of fear David placed the Ark of God in Obededom’s house instead of his city. But he realized that because of the Ark of God Obededom was blessed so he went back for the Ark of God. Verse 13: David offered a first sacrifice to the Lord.
Verse 14-15: Next, Although David was wearing his Priesthood garmennt he danced before the Lord with all his might. This moved all the people of Israel to join him in the celebration with shouting and the Sound of the Trumpet .
As Christians we should focus on the Lord just like David who was a man after God’s own heart . Let’s join and encourage others in the service and worship of the Lord.
Verse 16: Michal (meaning who is like God) despised David for the way he danced.
Michal used a window to save David from Saul, her father. But through looking a window she disposed David.
Verse 17-18: Even after David was despised he offered two more sacrifices not focusing on Michal’s attitude although she was helped saved his life. It means some people can support us against humans but stand between us and God.
As Christian, no matter the gossips, insults, disrespect, intimidation and all, we should not focus on anyone else apart from serving God our Lord in the church and in this world.
Verse 19: The house of Isreal continued celebrating. Keep on celebrating in the Lord no matter what.
Verse 20-22: When David came to the house, Michal mocked David for uncovering himself in public. David remembered his creator and expressed the reason for his dance in the presence of the Ark of God ( the Presence of God) of how he was chosen before God’s and Saul’s presence as the ruler of Israel. As Christians we should remember the blessings of God and where he took us from. We should focus on only God in times of worship and in our life.
Verse 23: Although Michal had five children, she had no child until the day of her death.
Although David did not curse Michal, God did. This was a negative sign and wonder among the many others. God will curse our womb of fruitfulness if we stand between others and him.
It’s my prayer that you avoid negative signs and wonders this year.
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